About San Diego Airport Parking CO.

San Diego Airport Parking Co. (SDAP), founded in 1991 by David McGhee while carrying on the legacy of his father, Larry, and grandfather, John, beginning years ago in downtown San Diego focuses on customer satisfaction, attention to detail and punctuality. These are just some humble characteristics we pride ourselves to provide each customer. 

You can leave your vehicle with us for any reason at all, such as a trip to the Cruise Ship terminal (located in the beautiful Port of San Diego), while knowing that it will be under surveillance with top-notch security 24/7.

Our state-of-the-art shuttle service transports passengers to and from the port every time a cruise ship is docked. So hop on board! Shuttle hours of operation: Monday-Sunday, 4:30 a.m.-Midnight

SDAP’s clean-burning, alternative-fuel vehicles reduce greenhouse gas emissions! We participate to help lower the carbon footprint and are proud to be a sustainable transportation company. That’s why SDAP has instituted an employee transportation program, promoting ride-sharing and public transportation by our staff.

SDAP will continue to remain active, helping to lead the way in promoting alternative-fuel vehicle usage for all shuttle and ground transportation operators.

Sign up on our loyalty program page and continue to be a part of the SDAP family while helping save our environment.

We have Electric Refueling for Electric Cars with the standard EV level 2 charging

Be Full For Your Ride Home!